Products — License und Pricing

M365 365 & SharePoint

Install for free, evaluate as a team and if everything fits – order a license

The HBM apps are free in the basic version and some have advertisements.

As soon as you leave the basic range of functions, you will also receive a license notice.

Evaluate our premium functions and then use our license offer.

All apps have the same price and the same graduation.

Free vs. Premium

Basic Featuresyesyes
All Featuresyesyes
No Advertsyesyes
Support 48hyesyes
yes = included, yes = not included, yes = it depends on app sometimes with adverts or license hints

Graduated pricing

up to 250 Employees – 50€/Month

up to 500 Employees – 150€/Month

up to 1000 Employees – 250€/Month

more than 1000 Employees – please request individual offer

Use the full range of functions

The premium license allows full use of the respective app without banner advertising and license notices.

Payment and Billing

You can pay via PayPal or by invoice.

Payment is made annually in advance.